New Hair Trend in 2016: Short Bob Haircuts 2016

Short Haircuts – Short bob haircuts 2016 are ready for you now. In this year, hair bob is still being the trendy one. Yes, somebody is still sure that this hairstyle can make them look fresh and younger. So, somebody keeps it till now as their hairstyle choice.

If last year we had a play with bang, now some hair stylish focus on the color and effect. They said that short bob still becomes the solution for hair style. Then, the changing is only for color and hair effect too.

So, for you who don’t want to miss the updated hair issue, you have to read this article. You can get some discussion about short bob haircuts here.

Short Bob Haircuts in 2016

Bob Haircuts with color becomes one of trendy hairstyles in this year. It’s because world trendy hairstyle runs dynamically. Some of hair stylish predict about the trend. Peter F Saerang, a hair stylish, said that there are two reference of hairstyle. Those are young and old style.

Besides short bob, he also said that long bob also can be the reference of hairstyle. There is also shoulder length of bob that can be tried in this year.

Then, he also added about coloring. Hair color becomes the main issue for this year. The color references of it are red, light red, brownish red, and purplish red. He also stated that you can try other light colors like blue, green, and pink. Those colors represent the symbol for something new of the New Year.

Other Characteristics of Short Bob Haircuts in 2016

Besides coloring, there is also another characteristic of bob haircuts for this year. You can make longer some of your hair side. Make it longer for several centimeters! It is the new trend of short bob.

Then, you also have to make different length of your hair between the right and left side. Meanwhile for hair coloring, you can use strong color to make your face looking fresh. Besides that, shoulder length of hair bob also becomes the new trend in 2016. But, this style is only for women with straight hair.

Top 10 New Bob Shorthair Trendy in 2016

1. Trendy Asymmetrical Hair in a Bob

Short Bob Haircuts bob haircuts


2. Trendy Medium Bob Style with Long Layers

bob haircuts bob haircuts


3. Trendy Line Short Bob with Highlights

Trendy Line Short Bob with Highlights bob haircuts


4. Trendy New Flawless Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Hairstyle bob haircuts


5. Trendy Asymmetrical Short Bob with Bangs

Trendy Asymmetrical Short Bob with Bangs bob haircuts


6. New Highlighted Bobs Style for Women

New Highlighted Bobs Style for Women bob haircuts


7. Trendy Straight Bob With Long Side Bangs

Trendy Straight Bob With Long Side Bangs bob haircuts


8. Top Quality Inverted Avan Guarde Bob

Top Quality Inverted Avan Guarde Bob bob haircuts


9. Trendy Messy Short Bob for Textured Hair

Trendy Messy Short Bob for Textured Hair bob haircuts


10. Cute Blunt Bob Cut Style

Cute Blunt Bob Cut Style bob haircuts


For you who want to choose that style, you can make your hair tip being really straight. You also can add the bang till your upper eyes. It can make girly effect for you. This style can be chosen by young and old women too. This is one of flexible style for everyone. So, good luck for trying short bob haircuts 2016…