15 Best Cute Short Haircuts for Women

15 Best Cute Short Haircuts for Women are often chosen by many women who do not think they can deal with long hair. Having a long hair makes you have to spend a lot of time styling your hair. It can take hours and many women do not think they can do it. That is why many women rather have the simple short hair that will be easier to maintain and still look cute. Below are some cute short haircuts for women both younger women and older women.

1.     Short Haircuts for Young Woman

As a young woman, your hairstyle has to be able to reflect your personality. That is why high-spirited hairstyle can be an option for you. You can try s spiky crew cut hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle will be perfect for tomboy girls who still want to look cute and stylish. The hair is cut really short so that you do not have to spend hours maintaining your hair every morning. When you have this spiky crew cut, all you have to do to style it is brush your hair after you wash it. Then, let your hair dry naturally without hairdryer. After it dry, squeeze some hairstyling gel into your palm and then rub your hands together and use it to style your hair in different irregular directions. You can also try bob with bangs hairstyle. Bob is very popular short hairstyle and it is definitely cute and when you add bangs on it, it will be even more spectacular. When you have this kind of hairstyle, you do not have to worry about complicated maintenance because it is not complicated at all. All you need to do after you wash your hair is dry it with hairdryer while you add volume with styling tool. For shining result, apply some hair products to your hair in the very end.

2.     Short Haircuts for Older Woman

When you are getting older, your best hair is getting more delicate as well. Your appearance is also going to be more decent. That is why you need a kind of hairstyle that will still look spectacular and also shows decency regarding to your age. For short hair, a simple vintage bob will be perfect. This hairstyle is very popular all the time and it looks classy and elegant. All you have to do to maintain this hairstyle is just applying some hair styling foam on your hair before drying it using hairdryer. Use a little spray of hairspray to keep the hairstyle durable. The cute short haircut for women are going to make you on the spotlight.

Hair is the crown that needs to be maintained and cared for treatment and appropriate hairstyles. Hair is one body part that is often overlooked, so the hair is one of the important parts of the body is maintained both health and beauty. One of the most popular type of hair is straight hair types, with shoulder-length haircut. This shoulder-length straight hair models will give the impression of women as being more independent, energetic yet still feminine with hair that is not too long.

Here we will give some reference models short hair shoulder-length straight woman can you contek as one hairstyle that support your appearance, such as:


Bob haircut of former never any death. Yes, this hairstyle is perfect for women who have short haircuts. The form is simple frightening actually makes you more beautiful and elegant. For those of you who oval-faced, if you wear a bob haircut try to cut with the remaining layers.

2. Asymmetric Layer

Short haircut this woman brought the concept is not symmetric hair on the right and left. The trick, cut into thin strips shorter side of the hair, while the hair is next made to face sideways layer thickness with no hair on top. This will make you look beautiful and trendy.

3. Short Ombre Hair

Can ombre hairstyle for long hair or short, although many found the long hair. However, for those who have short hair short haircut this woman could be an interesting option. Make the sides of the hair is not asymmetrical, long-layer edges made little messy. Coloring process on the bottom of the hair should be with good technique and selection of attractive colors.

This shoulder-length short haircut you can make as one of inspiration or a cheat sheet to beautify your straight hair styles. Short Hair Model is very suitable for those who like experiments on the hair. With shoulder-length hair cut hair ends are colored in accordance with the character and preferences. Asymmetrical haircut with long layers models but the tip was given a touch messy. This hairstyle became very interesting because it makes you as a person unique and different from the others. If you want to appear more prominently, choose a color that contrasts with the color of your original hair.

4. Edgy Bob

Bob haircut is suitable for women of all ages who had curly hair and thin. Hair length is slightly below the shoulders, as well as thin texture will make your hair feel pretty and light. This hairstyle is easy to set. It would be better if you dyed black hair when using this model.

Bob haircut is one Short Hair Model are much favored by women. Pieces bob is one of timeless pieces in the dining period. For those of you who have straight hair shoulder length, corresponding bob cut is a model edgy bob. This haircut is suitable for those who have a round face, so as to disguise the shape of your face that looks chubby. Besides suitable for your straight hair, hair pieces is also appropriate for those who have any type of curly hair and thin. Has the edgy bob hair model will make it easier to take care of him. And of course you will look more Cute Short Haircuts.

5. Messy Haircut

This model is suitable for women who have thin hair, who love Messy hair (unkempt). Arrangement with making long hair on one side, will make you look trendy. Here Is 15 Best Cute Short Haircuts for Women.

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Short Hair Model shoulder-length straight hair style can be adapted to model and shape of the face so that the appearance of the haircut that looks maximum result. You can choose several models of shoulder-length straight hair that suits your face shape you have. You can consult with your subscription hairdresser to get a model that is appropriate for you.

Not all women love long hair, although many consider long hair makes women more graceful. Women with short hair can look elegant and beautiful really, as long as he good at choosing hair model. Especially for women with high activity, a short haircut will make it look fresh, not hot, and easy to arrange.